VPD Police Judo Clinic - Victoria, BC

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VPD Police Judo Clinic - Victoria, BC


Victoria Judo Club
• The gym at the Richmond Elementary School.
   2780 Richmond Rd. (map)
• Feb 22nd and Feb 23rd , 2018
• 8 am to 4 pm
Cost: $295.00
Limited to 35 registrants.  
No experience necessary!

Who is this for?
All levels of Law Enforcement including Police Officers, Corrections, Sheriffs, CBSA, Bylaw Officers, Conservation, Security officers, Criminology Students, applicants to LE,  and Protection Service Officers.

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Joining Instructions:
This clinic will be split between presentations and practical work with Police Judo techniques. Please bring a judo gi or uniform, or sweat pants and a sweatshirt if you don’t have one. Also bring water and an extra change of clothes. There will be time for lunch, and restaurants nearby, or you are welcome to bring your own lunch. All registrants will have to sign a LEJA waiver and a PAR-Q form before participating in this clinic.

Topics Covered:

  • History of Police Judo
  • Use of Force Theory
  • Integrating Police Judo into Force Options
  • National Use of Force Framework
  • Research on use of force – what does it tell us?
  • Controlling the human body basics
  • Joint Lock intro
  • Escort Grip basics
  • Engineering the Twist Lock for Law Enforcement
  • Low risk, high yield judo takedowns for Law Enforcement
  • Turnovers for Law Enforcement
  • Groundwork basics
  • Groundwork Drills for Law Enforcement
  • Compiant and Non-Compliant handcuffing
  • Multiple partner drills for takedowns
  • Multiple partner drills for ground work arrest and control

Additional information:  

Contact Wayne Unger at wunger@yahoo.com or Sgt. Toby Hinton at tobinhinton@gmail.com if you have any questions or if you need any further information. 

This is a partnership training clinic between VPD Force Options Training Unit, the Law Enforcement Judo Association, and the Victoria Judo Club.