3rd Annual Police Junior Judo Summer Camp - Wrapped! (2014)

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SFU Police Judo Junior camp is now over and was a great success thanks to the hard work and effort of Naoko Mori, Chin-I Hsiang and the dedicated Police Judo volunteers. This year the summer camp hosted a sports soccer drill component (Sp. Cst. Shawn Agnew), a track and field training for sport judo (SFU grad student Dennis Nicolas), and a self-defence clinic (Ret. Cst. Al Arsenault). In addition we had a special visit from the VPD Mounted Squad (Sgt. Mark Steinkampf, Cst. Conrad Van Dyke, and Cst. Rich Horner) with three of their large horses. Jaydon's father also brought up his Ferrari on the last day for the kids to compare horsepower (400) with!

It was a good time and we look forward to next year. There still is an upcoming Judo Camp run by Police Judo Volunteer instructor Sandra Hewson - the information is listed below.

See you next year!