The Law Enforcement Training Association Membership (LETA) is a mandatory requirement for all registered students including Junior and Adults in Police Judo (* For Juniors only - please see your Police Judo Instructor for membership fees to participate in Judo BC events and compeitions - this will be an additional $35 charge to cover Judo BC fees) .

The yearly LETA membership provides:

  • liability insurance coverage for all Police Judo programs

  • a drop-in workout opportunity for Police Judo Clubs outside of one's registered club

  • access to Police Judo Training Clinics - reduced rates

  • international travel opportunities with the Police Judo Team

  • financial sponsorship for sport training, judo clinics, education, and travel (case-by-case basis)

  • access to Police Judo Team practices every Friday at the Tactical Training Centre (with a criminal record clearance)

  • access to daytime Police Judo Training opportunities

  • updates and Police Judo Newsletter information

  • Training opportunities for the VPD Police Judo Demonstration Team

  • coaching opportunities for the Police Judo Junior Youth programs *(criminal record clearance required)


If you've already submitted this registration form you can go to the payment page by clicking here: policejudo.ca/courses/leja-membership