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Chin Na in Ground Fighting: Principles, Theory and Submission Holds for All Martial Styles

by Al Arsenault (Author), Joseph Faulise (Author)

Al Arsenault is one of the creators of the Police Judo. His knowledge about joint locking, in particular, has been extensively integrated in the new martial art of Police Judo. His book on ‘Comprehensive Joint Locking for Law Enforcement’ will be published soon.

Chin Na is the controlling art of Chinese Kung Fu and is a part of many non-Chinese martial styles. The application of Chin Na can be applied to any empty hand fighting discipline.Chin Na in Ground Fighting explores the use of joint locks, pressure points and bone displacement techniques for actual fighting encounters that have landed on the ground. The material in this book concentrates on: holding techniques which are capable of immobilizing an opponent with a limited danger of counter-attack, the principles and theory of these holds, the identification and use of pressure points for offensive and defensive purposes.Over the last twenty-two years as a street policeman (Vancouver, B.C.), I have come to realize the acute deficiencies of Karate as a defensive art, or more practically, as a controlling art; as my chosen vocation demands. For myself, Chin Na was like a snap-on tool, allowing me to adapt my martial arts ability to suit the highly balanced needs of personal self-protection with controlling those I was empowered to arrest.


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Heroic Families Workbook: For First Responders and Their Families

Being a Helping Hero has its ups and downs! First Responders save, help, serve, and protect others! This workbook is a supplement to the book: A Hero Lives in My Family: A Story for Kids of First Responders. The purpose of this workbook is for kids to understand their parent’s job and the possible effects it can have on them. The goal of this workbook is for first responders and their kids to discuss various thoughts and feelings in relation to their work as helping heroes/emergency service providers. This can help in opening up the lines of communication and promote discussions around thoughts and feelings. It includes Activities and Tools for Heroes and their kids/families to do together. In addition, it incorporates exercises related to relevant coping strategies, promotion of resilience, work/life balance, and stress management.

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A Hero Lives in My Family: A Story for Kids of First Responders

First Responders are Heroes! Helping Heroes include: police officers, emergency medical service providers (e.g., paramedics, ER doctors or nurses), firefighters, and military personnel. They save, help, serve, and protect others!  This story is for kids of first responders to learn about their Helping Hero’s job and the various feelings it can bring about. At the end of the day, the Helping Hero’s favorite job is being a parent!