Welcome to the information and registration page for the Police Judo Increment course.

The Law Enforcement Judo Association (Police Judo) is offering an increment course based on appropriate force options and physical training that emphasizes control, (including handcuffing) takedowns, and grappling specifically designed for law enforcement. Participants will build credit in 2.5 hour blocks at one of the Police Judo clubs over a maximum one year period.

Why Police Judo?

The current amount of physical training time allotted for officers is not enough for proper skill acquisition. Participants are provided physical training and skills in the Academy (approximately 69 hours of hands-on physical skills training over Block 1 and Block 3 combined), and once working in the VPD receive additional physical control training for a few hours on average 1-2 times a year in Cycle Training. Members who wish for additional training have to seek out a training program that suits and benefits the needs of LE. However, there are limited opportunities for on-going training in self-defence and use-of-force skill development, and there are very few martial arts training programs that provide transferable skills to policing. Police Judo has developed the training and skills to suit the needs of Law Enforcement.

What happens once you have registered:

Once registered for this increment course, you will receive a passbook from the Law Enforcement Judo Association (Police Judo). The book will include training information and an attendance log. Every practice participated in counts as a 2.5 hour credit (every practice is two hours with set up and breakdown time - this translates as 2.5 hours). In order to obtain the increment point, students would have to attend 15 classes (37.5 hours) of practical on the mat training, complete self-directed readings (2 hours), and a written test (.5 hour – online). This would bring the course time total to 40 hours.

Practice hours could take place at any Police Judo Club (VPD, SFU, JIBC, Kamloops) and must be in conformity with the Increment provisions (i.e. on personal time – under the instruction of an approved Police Judo Instructor), and the increment course logbook would have to be signed off by a Police Judo head instructor. Hours for the course must be completed within a year of enrolling in this increment course.

There are three Police Judo Clubs in the Lower Mainland of BC (and one in the Interior of BC) and this would allow participants to potentially take training five times a week if they wanted to accelerate the completion of this training.

Club locations and training times:

VPD: The VPD Police Judo Club operates three times a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday nights, in the TTC (Milli’s Gym) at 2010 Glen Drive. Practices run from 19:30 hours until 21:30 hours.

SFU: SFU Police Judo practices two times a week – Tuesday and Thursday nights from 1930-2130 hours in the Central Gym

JIBC: The JIBC Judo Club practices two times a week – Monday and Wednesday in Gym B at the JIBC from 1930-2130 hour.

Kamloops: The Kamloops Police Judo Club practices one time a week – Wednesday – from 1900-2100 at Aberdeen Judo Academy.

Cost: $200
All payments are made out to the Law Enforcement Judo Association. 

Registration Options: 

  1.  Pay online at policejudo.ca/courses/police-judo-increment-course 
  2.  Submit the registration form below and mail payment to: 

Law Enforcement Judo Association
190 Keefer Place
Vancouver, BC
V6B 6L4