Police Judo Association - Starting Jan 2015

The Police Judo Association has formalized our Association as a registered non-profit society. This move now links all three clubs (SFU Police Judo, the Tactical Training Centre Police Judo, and the Justice Institute Police Judo) under one central Association.


Commencing Jan 2015, everyone participating in Police Judo will be required to obtain a membership ($50.00 per year). Membership fees will cover liability insurance for all clubs, equipment costs, and will also assist with the Association operating costs. Although this is an additional charge to students for the Police Judo program, we are maintaining our judo club fees at the current low rates (most inexpensive martial arts program in the Lower Mainland) and now will be providing an additional free practice (open to all members) once a week. 

We have a highly motivated and knowlegeable Board that will help grow and develop Police Judo over the next few years. We will be updating and revising the website and looking forward to the expanding the Police Judo training locally as well as beyond! 

A membership in Police Judo will allow for: 


 - reduced costing for any Police Judo sponsored clinic (there are a number planned for 2015 from NCCP to Handcuffing)


- reduced costing on Police Judo presentations and seminars 


- certified Police Judo Association grading from Yellow Belt through to Black Belt rank in Police Judo


 - Free "Police Judo Team Practice" every Friday night at the Tactical Training Centre Police Judo (sprung floor facility)


There is more to come on this, but it is the first step in our quest to develop and grow the Police Judo program!