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I am not being totally lazy; I am doing research for my next book - police judo. I'm reading another biography of Jigoro Kano, the founder of modern judo.  He was an amazing man and pioneer in the martial arts.

At the end of the feudal era in Japan, Kano started learning martial arts like jujutsu, which would lead to the evolution of judo. But he was admonished by his father and former martial artists for doing so: 

"Times have changed, and such things are neither useful nor relevant".

And so we begin propagating our new martial art of 'police judo'. 

The times indeed have changed with the unprecedented scrutiny of police use of force backed up by video recordings;  there is a strong need for the effective and ethical application of use of force by police.

I strongly believe that if Kano were alive today he would applaud our adaptation of removing the  sporting aspects of Judo and combining it with police arrest and control tactics. His principle of "mutual benefit and welfare" is tantamount to respect. Without the respect for the  police by the public, the law becomes but a lame duck.