Kamloops Police Judo starting on September 23, 2015

The Law Enforcement Judo Association is pleased to announce the introduction of a Kamloops Police Judo program, commencing Sept 23rd, 2015. This program will run out of the Aberdeen Judo Academy training facility and will be managed by Police Judo Instructor Brad Endean.

Brad has worked in law enforcement (Sheriffs) for over a decade. He has a long history with the martial arts, and started out studying various styles of karate over 25 years ago. Brad transitioned over to judo training several years ago under Sensei John Huntley and the Aberdeen Judo Academy. Brad is an assistant instructor at the Aberdeen Judo Jr. Program and he has two daughters involved in competitive judo under Sensei John Huntley. He has worked with the Police Judo Association for the past year in attending clinics, studying the training principles, working with the instructors and leading practices and clinics.

Brad will be bringing a challenging, innovative and fun program of Police Judo to Kamloops. This program will be open for anyone interested in law enforcement, fitness, and self defence. The program is a recreational judo-based training program and will serve the community well in terms of offering reality-based training program that emphasizes the some of the same key principles Jigoro Kano established judo with: take care of your partner, and move forward together. 

Brad will be presented with his Police Judo Instructor black belt by JIBC Police Judo Head Instructor Al Arsenault on the inaugural Kamloops Police Judo class Sept 23, 2015. 

Kamloops Police Judo will be running every Wednesday night from 19:00-21:00 hours at the Aberdeen Judo Academy training facility. Please refer to the police judo website (policejudo.ca) or the registration page at http://policejudo.ca/judo-registration/ for more information.