Police Judo Charity Sports Camp (Tecate, Mexico, July 2016)

The Police Judo Association is joining Cst. Al Kussat (VPD Force Options Training Unit - with years of experience and charity work in Tecate, Mexico) and embarking on a one week sports camp for youth in the Baja Mexico city of Tecate (across from San Diego) from July 3rd to the 10th, 2016.

Police Judo members attending are paying all of their own travel and expense costs. All fundraising done for this event will be a direct benefit to underprivileged youth in Tecate. Police Judo will be holding morning and afternoon judo and sports camps, and drug education presentations in the evening at multiple communities around the Tecate area.

This goodwill visit is the opposite of a luxury holiday and will be involve a fair amount of work for those volunteering. Police Judo members will be preparing meals for the community (pancake breakfast) and will be expected to host approximately 150 youth every sport training session. Volunteers will also be delivering donated sports equipment and food (bought with fundraising dollars) to homes around Tecate.

A special thanks to Cst. Al Kussat who has generously provided all transportation and accommodation for Police Judo members attending. This is one of many volunteer undertakings that Police Judo sponsors.

Fundraising Goals:

To raise $1500 to be donated to food for youth and the community. To collect as much sports equipment as possible for the youth of Tecate.

Police Judo Water Bottles:

Police Judo has two hundred water bottles for sale. These are BPA approved, dishwasher safe water bottles with the Police Judo Logo on the bottle. These water bottles cost $10 - all proceeds directly benefit the youth of Tecate, Mexico.

How you can help?

Buy a water bottle!


Any used sports equipment (except clothing and winter sports) will be gladly accepted. There is a truck and trailer going down in advance bringing soccer balls, bikes, baseball equipment and other sports items.

SFU Police Judo contact: Chin-I Hsiang
JIBC Police Judo contact: Al Arsenault
TTC Police Judo contact: Zan Tsang

Thank you!

Donors to date:
Rom Ranallo, Ingrid Chen, Mi Hee Choi, Whitecaps, Al Kuniss, Al Kussat. 

Donated Sports Equipment:
So far, we have 80 soccer balls, 500 Police Judo sports balls, bikes and other sports equipment donated.

Police Judo Volunteers Tecate Mexico 2016:

Al Arsenault
Toby Hinton
Chin-I Hsiang
Tobin Hinton
Amy Kelly
Patrick Chan
Steven Huang
Steven Kim
William Poon
Aiden Keyes
Dan Lisk
Al Kussat
Andrea Gee
Josh Jewett
Mike Mercado

With several others working on making the trip...

Anyone interested in joining the group, please email Chin-I Hsiang at chinihsiang@gmail.com