Please click on the related button above if you are a sworn officer, VPD Role Player, SFU student, a new student that is joining the club for the first time, or registering to Police Judo Junior program. If you are a current student, continue below.

Current Students

LETA Basic and LETA Premium Memberships

The Law Enforcement Training Association (LETA) membership is paid annually and is a mandatory requirement for all students. You can either get either of the BASIC or PREMIUM Membership options.

You will register for classes at your preferred location after getting your Law Enforcement Training Association membership. Each term is approximately 4 months long, and there are 3 terms in a year. Each location might have different fees each term, please check on the class registration page or with the Head Instructor of your club to learn about the current registration fee.

The PREMIUM membership is a higher price than the BASIC membership fee ($100 instead of $50) , but it allows members attend UNLIMITED judo classes at ANY Police Judo location (including Kamloops) for the year.
The PREMIUM Law Enforcement Training Association membership is open to all Police Judo Students, but those who are not Sworn Officers or VPD Role Players are still required to pay a the club fee at their primary location. The premium option enables them to train at other locations without paying multiple club fees.

Club Fees

If you already have an active Basic LETA association membership and need to pay your club fees use one of the buttons below.