The Police Judo Association offers training clinics and opportunities for roups ranging in size from several individuals through to large groups of up to 50 students. Our instructors have been involved in training law enforcement officers, students and youth for over 15 years. The Police Judo program combines the best high-yield, low-risk aspects of traditional judo training combined with the tactical application of judo and other martial arts in a non-sporting environment. Participants adhere to the philosophy of "taking care of one's partner", and "mutual respect and benefit". 


Law Enforcement:

If your organization is involved in law enforcement, corrections, or security work,  Police Judo training can be arranged to suit your needs: from half-day clinics to one-week programs.


Training Programs offered by Police Judo:

 - Introduction to Police Judo  

 - Judo Throws for Policing 

 - "Street-Proof Your Martial Art"

 - Higher Belt Seminar

 - Handcuffing and Takedown Clinic Level 1

 - Handcuffing and Takedown Clinic Level 2    

 - Intro to Groundwork for Law Enforcement

 - Advanced Groundwork for Law Enforcement

 - Tac Com

 - Use of Force and the National Use of Force Framework  

 - Functional Fitness Training Drills for Law Enforcement

 - One-on-One Private Instruction



If you have a group interested in a fun training session on practical self-defense whether it is a corporate team-building exercise or small group session then we can provide clinics tailored to your needs in an enjoyable and recreational setting. 


Youth Sports:

 Police Judo partners with Odd Squad Productions in order to deliver judo training sessions for youth as a complement to the drug and anti-gang presentations given throughout Canada. The basics of police judo are used to instil healthy alternatives to drug use and gang involvement by teaching self-respect and respect for others. An example of this is Police Judo's involvement in the Yo Bro Youth Initiative.

Upcoming Training Clinics:

3rd Annual VPD International Police Judo Clinic

Our 3rd Annual VPD International Police Judo Clinic with Guest Instructor Hiroshi Katanishi, EU Judo Expert, will be held at Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, BC on April 30 - May 3 (4 days).


Admin / Registration: Tara Dewingaerde at or 604-717-4084
More information: Sgt. Toby Hinton or

The cost is $500 for external agencies and $200 for VPD increment.

This 4 Day Training Clinic Includes Theater Presentations as well as Hands-On training time in the techniques and tactics of Police Judo.

Topics covered include:

  • History of Police Judo

  • Research driven U of F training

  • Is Your Martial Art Training Program Designed for LE Needs?

  • Police Judo Twist Lock Certification Program

  • Functional Physical Drills - Groundwork and Standing

  • Active Resistance and the Escort Grip

  • Biomechanics of Basic Police Judo Movements

  • Why standard VNR training may not meet officer needs

  • Overcoming "Gadget Dependence"

  • Arm extractions for Law Enforcement

  • Turnovers from back and front

  • Ground work for law enforcement

  • Multiple officer drills

  • Linkage drills for control

  • Low Risk - High Yield Throws for Law Enforcement

A Few of the Presenting Guest Instructors:

  • VPD Police Judo Instructor Sgt. Toby Hinton / Brian Shipper
    History and Evolution of Police Judo in the Vancouver Police Department

  • SFU Associate Professor of Criminology, Dr. Garth Davies
    Research and Use of Force Training - How We Can Do Better

  • BC Civil Liberties Michael Vonn / Ret. Insp Ken Frail
    Ethical Use of Force Training through Police Judo - Why it Matters

  • VPD Force Options Sgt. Brad Fawcett
    Martial Art Training Programs for Law Enforcement - The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly

  • Kamloops Police Judo Black Belt, Dr. John Cleland
    Common Training Flaws for Vascular Neck Restraint and How to Fix Them

  • Police Judo Instructor Ret. Cst. Al Arsenault
    Police Judo Twist Lock Training and Certification

  • Hiroshi Katanishi - EU Sport Judo Expert
    Building the Foundation - The Biomechanics of Judo Movement

  • Dr. David Cox, Sports Psychologist, SFU
    Practical Psychology for Elite LE Performance - Building Team Tactics

Visit this page to view photos and updates from last year’s Annual VPD International Police Judo Clinic:

Past Clinics:

Cutting Edge Fundraising - June 16, 2018

Date: June 16, 2018
Time: 09:00-12:00 or 13:00-16:00
(choose one on the registration form)
By donation. All donations at and over $25 will give you the option of receiving a T-shirt. A minimum of $75 donation is required to attend the seminar.

Why are we Fundraising?

This fundraiser is for the annual Police Judo trip to Tecate, Mexico. Police Judo members attending are paying all of their own travel and expense costs. All fundraising done for this event will be a direct benefit to underprivileged youth in Tecate. Police Judo will be holding morning and afternoon judo and sports camps, and drug education presentations in the evening at multiple communities around the Tecate area.

This goodwill visit is the opposite of a luxury holiday and will be involve a fair amount of work for those volunteering. Police Judo members will be preparing meals for the community (pancake breakfast) and will be expected to host approximately 150 youth every sport training session. Volunteers will also be delivering donated sports equipment and food (bought with fundraising dollars) to homes around Tecate.


Use of Force Expert Workshop - June 5-8, 2018

Date: June 5-8, 2018 (4 days)
Time: 08:00 - 16:00
2010 Glen Dr, Vancouver, BC  V5T 0B1
Price: $500 (CAD)

This 4-day course includes 16 hours of specialized training in the forensic analysis of digital video of use of force incidents and 16 hours of specialized training in the role of an expert witness in use of force analysis, authoring use of force opinion reports, the process of being qualified as an expert witness for court purposes, and courtroom testimony as an expert witness. Presenters include retired members of the judiciary, practicing lawyers who utilize use of force expert opinions, the Coroners Service (BC), the Department of Justice, and court-qualified use of force experts.

This 4-day workshop will develop the knowledge, skills and report writing skills essential to the successful and professional development of a Use of Force Expert opinion, including the ability to forensically analyze a variety of video sources of a use of force incident. At the conclusion of the course the candidate will have the tools to qualify as an expert witness in the field.

Candidates for this course should be incumbent or former use of force instructors with a keen interest in furthering their education toward the goal of becoming a court-qualified use of force expert in criminal and civil matters, coroners inquests, human rights tribunals, and Police Act (BC) investigations.

2nd Int'l Police Judo Clinic - May 1-4, 2018

Date: MAY 1 - 4, 2018 (4 days) 
2010 Glen Dr, Vancouver, BC  V5T 0B1
Price options: 



This course is approved for reimbursement under the Police Education Found (VPD 542B).

Contact Tara Dewingaerde ( or 604-717-4084) or Sgt. Toby Hinton ( if you have any questions or concerns about the registration. 

Topics and Training Covered:

  • History of Police Judo

  • Research driven U of F training

  • Changing paradigms in training

  • Integrating Police Judo into use of force training

  • Functional Physical Drills for law enforcement

  • Active Resistance and the Escort Grip

  • The best joint lock for law enforcement

  • Arm extractions

  • Turnovers

  • Ground work for law enforcement

  • Multiple officer drills

  • Linkage drills from standing to the ground

  • Higher level Police Judo techniques

Presenting Guest Instructors:

  • VPD Police Judo Instructor Brian Shipper - History and development of Police Judo

  • Force Options Sgt. Brad Fawcett - Legal Trends in Use of Force

  • Police Judo Black Belt Dr. John Cleland - The Science of Strangulation

  • Police Judo Instructor Al Arsenault - Common Use of Force Fails in Law Enforcement

  • Hiroshi Katanishi - EU Judo Expert - Biomechanics of Judo Movement

  • Dr. David Cox, Sports Psychologist, SFU - What We Can Learn From Elite Sports Performance and Training

Instructor Hiroshi Katanishi Higher Belt Training Clinic

Date: May 5th (9am-4pm) and May 6th (9am-4pm) 
2010 Glen Dr, Vancouver, BC  V5T 0B1
Price options: 
Non LEJA members:
$100 with lunch on both days
$75 without lunch
LEJA members:
$75 with lunch on both days
$50 without lunch


Instructor Sensei Hiroshi Katanishi:

After graduating from Tenri University (Japan), Sensei Hiroshi Katanishi, 8th dan, became trainer of France’s National Judo team.  Katanishi sensei has been instructor for the past 30 years of the Judo Kwai Lausanne in Switzerland. Katanishi sensei is also a Dan expert, Youth & Sports Expert for the Switzerland Judo Federation.  Since 1999, he has been the technical advisor to the Swiss National Team.  In 2003, he became the European Union judo expert.


This clinic is open to Law Enforcement Judo Association members and Judo BC members who are 16 years of age and green belt and above for judo ranking. The emphasis of this clinic will be on understanding and developing the biomechanics of judo movement, and will be of interest and benefit for individuals interested in coaching and instructing judo. All registration must be done on-line. 


Registrants can either pay online or in person at the TTC. For those paying in person, either cash or a cheque payable to the Law Enforcement Judo Association. 

Registration steps: 

  1. Fill out the online registration form (click here to go to the form)

  2. Send payment cheque or pay online (click here to go to online payment page)

For more information contact Chin-I Hsiang (phone: 778 986 1916 – email:

No Late Registration or Drop-In:

Due to the limited space, capacity attendance for this clinic, and secure facility, there will be no drop-in or late registration. Participation will be based on the registration list.

Morning Registration:

Doors open at 7:30 am and registration, waivers, Par Q registration forms and sign-in will take place from 7:30-8:30 am. The clinic will start at 09:00 hours with a welcome/introduction in the classroom and then will move into the Combatives gym.

/ Sign Out:

The TTC has 24 hour on-site security monitoring, and there is a requirement for everyone entering the building to only do so at the front entrance and to sign in. If anyone leaves the facility they must do so through the front entrance and sign out when they leave. 


Due to the working lunch presentation on Saturday and lack of close restaurants/ nearby food outlets, we are recommending that participants bring their own lunch – there is a microwave/small kitchen on site. Snacks will be provided for this clinic. Once everyone is organized the working presentation will take place in the training classroom. Please bring your lunch and food in the training classroom and enjoy the multi-media presentation. 


The Tactical Training Centre (TTC) is a law-enforcement training facility owned and operated by the City of Vancouver. It is not open to the public or community groups unless under the direct supervision of a law enforcement program. It is also the home for the VPD Police Judo Club, one of three Police Judo clubs currently operating in the Lower Mainland of B.C. The Hiroshi Katanishi Instructor Seminar will take place in the training classrooms as well as the Combatives Room – a 2600 sq ft. sprung floor training gym.

The Vancouver Police Department is the primary tenant of the facility and maintains personnel and office space on site. There may be training occurring in the facility (including gun ranges) at the same time as this clinic, so it is important to respect that law enforcement training has priority over other seminars or clinics. Police Instructors are identified by their training uniform. 

Yuki Yokosawa Clinic Poster - final Dec 8.jpg


Abbotsford Judo and Police Judo
Police Judo Clinic

Jun 3rd, Friday night: 18:00-21:30

This introductory clinic will provide the participant with a presentation on Police Use of Force with reference to the National Use of Force Framework, an understanding of force sciences, and the difference between sport and street. This is followed by hands-on training in Police Judo techniques with coaching and help from Police Judo instructors. Suitable to those currently involved in judo, individuals interested in a career in law enforcement, police officers and security personnel, and students. No previous judo experience necessary. There will be a one hour presentation followed by two hours working through drills on the mat. Fun, friendly training environment.

Presenting: Sgt. Toby Hinton, Ret. Cst. Al Arsenault, Sgt. Mark Steinkampf, S/Cst. Chin-I Hsiang.

Register at the Abbotsford Judo Club or through this website:

Cost: $20.00

Click here to download the event poster.



One hour multi-media presentation. Two hour practical


Edged Weapon Defense and Use of Force Seminar  
(May 14, 2016 at TTC Vancouver , Law Enforcement only)


The Law Enforcement Judo Association is pleased to be hosting an edged weapons defense and use of force seminar on May 14, 2016 at the Tactical Training Center in Vancouver, British Columbia. 

Morning session

Edged weapon defences

• Specifically designed for armed and armoured professional.
• Learn basic principles of edged weapons defence and real life encounters .
• The officer will be able to put these techniques into practice immediately, and successfully use them for years to come. 

Working lunch

Prohibited weapon presentation


Use of force

• understanding the ethical use of force,
• falling safely
• individual skill development
• partner skill development
• tactical respositioning
• fighting from the ground
• standing tactically

This session will employ the use of :

• shock knives
• FX simunitions
• role players

Edged weapon defense and Use of Force Seminar  
(May 15, 2016 at TTC Vancouver , open applications, Cost $149.00)

The Law Enforcement Judo Association is pleased to be hosting an edged weapons defense and use of force seminar at the Tactical Training Center on May 15, 2016 in Vancouver, British Columbia.  

Morning session 

Unarmed Edged Weapon Defences

This class will give you the skills you need to get out of a bad situation in a swift, controlled and lawful manner. 

• simple, practical and effective
• intended for real world encounters
• based on real world events

(A companion course to the law enforcement only class.)          


Prohibited Weapon Presentation 


Use of Force
Understanding the ethical use of force

• falling safely
• Individual skill development  
• partner skill development
• tactical respositioning  
• fighting from the ground
• standing tactically   

Both sessions will employ the use of : 

• shock knives
• role players

Police Judo Self Defence Clinic - March 5th, 2016 - TTC

On March 5th, Police Judo Instructors assisted by volunteers Mark, Ashley, Alisa, and Launa hosted a group of individuals ranging in age from the very young to a little bit older, all interested in learning more about self defence, movement, environmental awareness and ground fighting basics. A good time was had by all!

Police Judo Women's Self Defence Clinic - Feb 21, 2016 - TTC

The corporate self defence silent auction item for the Odd Squad X Mas party was collected in person by a great group of women who spent one hour learning about the basics of self defence from Instructors in the classroom followed by two hours of gym work on self defence basics - movement, partner drills, escapes, gripping, groundwork and much more. All had fun. Thanks to volunteers Mi Hee Choi and Brendon Frick for helping with this clinic.

"Your informative and hands-on class was an empowering experience.  We enjoyed both the classroom and mat time.  The two of you have obviously taught together many times, and as a teacher myself (long in the tooth),  I both recognize and appreciate good instruction.  Much of the advice you gave is common sense but still needs to be given.  We hope to attend some more training in the future."

Lorraine and Noell 

"Thank you again for a very informative and fun afternoon in the self-defense training class.  The course has reinforced my need to stay alert to my surroundings and has  given me valuable skills to practice and stay safe.  It was good to be able to perform the movements on the mats and feel confident when striking an attacker.  I feelthis course would be extremely beneficial to high school students."


Police Judo Clinic - Kamloops Bylaw Officers - Feb 20, 2016

On Feb 20 Kamloops Police Judo Instructor Brad Endean provided a training clinic for Kamloops Bylaw Officers on Police Judo Self Defence. This was held at the Aberdeen Judo Academy.

Intro to Police Judo - Scout Troop - Ian Henderson - Feb 17th, 2016

TTC Police Judo member Ian Henderson arranged for 25 of his students to attend an Introduction to Police Judo Workout at the TTC on Feb 17, 2016. Special thanks to the police officers who attended as well as Brian Shipper for instructing, Yoon Choi for the fun drills, and the other senior Police Judo members for volunteering their time. Everyone had fun!

Intro to Police Judo - Williams Lake - Feb 11th, 2016

In partnership with Safer Schools Together and Odd Squad Productions, Police Judo travelled to Williams Lake to provide Intro to Police Judo workouts for First Nations youth in conjunction with Drug and Gang education presentations. Special thanks to Theresa Campbell and Joe Calendino.

Police Judo Clinic  - Kamloops (on February 5, 2016 at Aberdeen Judo Academy)

On Feb 5th, 2016 Instructors and senior belts from SFU Police Judo combined with Kamloops Police Judo Instructor Brad Endean and Aberdeen Judo Academy Sensei John Huntley to provide a Police Judo Clinic at the Aberdeen Judo Academy. This was an evening workout and  hosted several TRU students as well as visiting judo instructors from other clubs in Kamloops to participate in the youth provincials.

Intro to Police Judo - Burns Lake, Stellaquo, Babine Lake Nation - Jan 27 and 28th, 2016

Police Judo Instructor Chin-I Hsiang and Odd Squad presenter Dave Steverding travelled to several communities west of Prince George to deliver drug education presentations for First Nations youth as well as Police Judo fun workouts. Special thanks to Police Judo volunteer Mi Hee Choi for assisting and the Carrier Sekanni Family Services for helping to arrange this trip.

Vancouver "Raiders" Soccer Club - Self Defence Clinic - December 20th, 2015

On December 20th, 2015 the Police Judo Association hosted the Vancouver Athletic Football Club girls' team, the "Raiders" for a two hour  self defence clinic at the Tactical Training Centre in Vancouver. The first 30 minutes of this training was in the classroom discussing situational and environmental awareness, followed by a challenging judo-based movement and self defence workout in the TTC Combatives gym. The girls had fun, worked hard and certainly earned the pizza that followed. Thanks to the TTC for supporting this clinic.


Ret Cst. Linda Stewart will present the Odd Squad documentary on her career at the Tactical Training Centre on Nov 18th, 2015 at 19:00 hours. This presentation will include a question and answer session with Linda where she will discuss the career of being a street cop, the challenges of the job, and how she spent 35 years of her life being one of the best in the vocation of policing. Her accolades and awards are many, and during her career she was recognized as one of the top police negotiators. Linda is retired now and teaches police recruits at the JIBC Police Academy. There will be a short workout afterwards. This session is open to all Police Judo Association members. Please register in advance by email at

UPDATE (Nov 11, 2015): This event is full now, there are no spots left. Thanks for your interest!


Instructor Seminar - Guest Instructor Sensei Hiroshi Katanishi, 8th Dan

Presented by Police Judo and Aberdeen Judo

Register Online

Sensei Hiroshi Katanishi:
After graduating from Tenri University(Japan), Mr Katanishi becomes trainer of France’s National judo team. Mr Katanishi has assumed the technical direction for the last 30 years of the Judo Kwai Lauzanne in Switzerland. Mr Katanishi is also Dan Expert, Youth& Sports Expert for the Switzerland Judo Federation. Since 1999, He acts has technical advisor for the Switzerland National team. In 2003, he became the European Union judo expert.

This clinic is for experienced judo members, blue belt and up and will cover a range of topics designed to improve judo techniques and and introducing new training drills and skills. Participants must be 18+ years old.

Date: August 13 and 14, 2015
Registration: 8 AM - 9AM
Seminar: 9 AM - 5 PM
Location: Tactical Training Centre
2010 Glenn Drive, Vancouver , BC
Working Lunch Presentations -
August 13th - Use of Force, National Use of Force Framework & the value of Tactical Communication - Sgt. Clive Milligan, VPD Force Options Training Unit
August 14th - Police Judo and Law Enforcement - Sgt. Toby Hinton - SFU Police Judo and Ret. Cst. Al Arsenault - JIBC Police Judo
Registration: Must be done in advance - To be posted shortly
Maximum 40 Participants

Further information -

National Coaching Certification Program - Level 1 (Part A / B)

Register Online

Part A: Juy 24 (evening), 25 (day)
Part B: August 14 (evening), August 15 (day)
Instructor: Debbie Laidler

The Police Judo Association is presenting NCCP Coaching Certification Courses Level One, Part A and Part B theory.

The course conductor is judo Black Belt and master coaching instructor Debbie Laidler.

These 2 courses are mandatory for anyone wishing to grade up to black belt in police judo. These are great informative classes suitable for all belt levels including white belt. The theory in these courses are valid for all sports, not only judo.

For sworn VPD members wanting an increment, if you are interested in these courses contact Debbie directly at

You can sign up with Brian at the TTC judo club practice and pay by cash or cheque made out to Law Enforcement Judo Association, or sign up on-line with the Law Enforcement Judo Association (on police judo website) and pay by charge card.

The cost is $125 per course. You can sign up for either one individually or both together. Please register early.

All you will need to bring is a pen and note pad, loose comfortable clothing, and your lunch and water.

If you have any questions contact Brian at judo or Debbie (


The Law Enforcement Judo Association is holding a Takedown, Physical Control, and Handcuffing seminar.

This clinic is open to anyone who is interested in learning effective and ethical arrest, control and handcuffing techniques.

The participants will be instructed by three long term street cops.

Topics covered in this seminar:
• Multi-media presentation on Use-of-Force
• Review of the National Use of Force Framework
• Ethical use of force
• Breakfall training
• Tactical and functional fitness training drills
• Body control / working with the elbow
• Twist Lock for escort, handcuffing, and takedown
• Low-risk high-yield judo takedowns for law enforcement
• Limb control and joint locks
• Groundwork and how it relates to law enforcement
• Functional groundwork drills for law enforcement
• Tactical get-ups
• Controlling the limbs and the person on the ground
• Judo groundwork drills for law enforcement
• Compliant and prone handcuffing
• Multiple assailant drills / multiple officer drills

Ret. Cst. Al Arsenault - Justice Institute of BC Police Judo Instructor, Author, "Chin Na in Ground Fighting", 27 years of experience in street-level policing.
Sgt. Toby Hinton - Simon Fraser University Police Judo Instructor, 25 years policing experience, profiled in "The Beat" reality series.
Sgt. Mark Steinkampf - Justice Institute of BC Police Judo Instructor, 24 years policing experience, profiled in "The Beat" reality series.

Email to register:
Date: May 23, 2015
Time: 9 am - 6 pm
Location: 2010 Glen Drive, Vancouver, BC
Cost: $75 per person*
*A maximum of 25 participants are permitted.
Click here to download the event poster.

Higher Belt Seminar at SFU Central Gym on April 25 (Sat.)

The Police Judo Association will be sponsoring and hosting a higher belt seminar. This seminar is free of charge, and open to the members ranking green belt and above. 

This topics will be covered:

  • Philosophy of Police Judo
  • Training Principles
  • Coaching Basics
  • Grading Expectations
  • Techniques Emphasized in Police Judo
  • Connection to Law Enforcement
  • The Junior Program
  • Women in Police Judo
  • Technical Instruction
  • The National Use of Force Framework

There will be practice time on the mats to review techniques and training.

Please advise the respective instructors of your club if you are attending.


Where: SFU Central Gym
When: Sat April 25th, 10 am - 4 pm
Needed: Judo gi, water, snack
Instructors: Brian Shipper, Toby Hinton, Mark Steinkampf, Chin-I Hsiang