Sworn Officers & VPD Roleplayers

For sworn police officers wanting to train in Police Judo, there are no club membership fees charged at any of our programs, but Sworn Officers are required to obtain a Premium LETA membership which allows free practice at all Clubs.

For VPD Role Players, training is free at any daytime or night-time VPD Police Judo practice once they have obtained a BASIC LETA membership. If VPD Role Players want to train at other Police Judo Clubs including JIBC, SFU, Kamloops, or OSP they are required to get the PREMIUM LETA Membership.

The Law Enforcement Training Association (LETA) membership, either BASIC or PREMIUM, is paid annually and is a mandatory requirement for all students.

The PREMIUM membership is a higher price than the BASIC membership fee ($100 instead of $50) , but it allows members attend UNLIMITED judo classes at ANY Police Judo location (including Kamloops) for the year.

The PREMIUM Law Enforcement Training Association membership is open to all Police Judo Students, but those who are not Sworn Officers or VPD Role Players are still required to pay a the club fee at their primary location. The premium option enables them to train at other locations without paying multiple club fees.

Please also submit your PAR-Q form online after registration.