New Location & Instructor 

Every Sunday
2:15 - 4:00 pm
START DATE: 2019/Oct/ 20
END DATE: 2019/Dec/15
Location: ODD SQUAD
Age 13+

We are excited to invite all the Police Judo family to bring your female friends to join us with our new Odd Squad Police Judo program – a female only class led by Yuki Yokosawa along with all our Police Judo female instructors and coaching team.

Yuki is highly accomplished at sport judo and well experienced with her judo background on the mat (since she was a little girl!). Yuki – a former Olympic Silver medalist – was also our guest instructor for the first ever VPD Female Officer Judo Clinic at the Tactical Training Centre. We hope to bring Yuki’s judo expertise to all our Police Judo female coaching team and provide a safe, fun and educational judo experience for all of our female participants.

We are proud of the new Odd Squad Police Judo facility with one of the few real spring floors in Canada. This will help us provide a safe and responsive judo training floor for our female participants while they are enjoying judo!

Chin-I Hsiang  
Police Judo Female Program Coordinator



The Law Enforcement Training Association (LETA) membership is paid annually and is a mandatory requirement for all students. BASIC LETA Membership costs $50 per year, and starts on the date registered.

The cost of attending all female only practices on Sundays at Odd Squad is $50. No drop-in fees are available due to low cost of this membership.

New students or those with expired LETA will pay $100 total for both. Basic LETA Membership will remain active after the female only classes end.

Current Basic LETA members can register for this class by paying $50.

Current Premium LETA members can join this class without any additional fees. Please RSVP if you are planning to attend those classes.

OSP Women's Police Judo RSVP Form for Premium LETA Members