Dear Fellow Members of the Law Enforcement Judo Association (Police Judo):     
I would like to thank everyone involved in the Association for the outstanding work they have done over the past years to develop and promote the Police Judo program to where it is today. In particular the main drivers behind this program have been Brian Shipper, Al Arsenault, Toby Hinton (he who always hides in the background), Chin-I Hsiang, Mark Steinkampf and recently Brad Endean from Kamloops. Without these committed instructors, there would be no Police Judo program.
Over the years in many countries and many other judo organizations I have seen numerous injuries. This what spurred me to help create Police Judo with by removing some traditional competitive elements of judo and putting the emphasis back on recreational training. Since those early days in the VPD gym with a handful of people the program has grown immensely and has provided instruction for thousands of students. The number of people who help promote the program has grown dramatically. I thank you all. It is to all these individuals who have developed the program to include four clubs - the Tactical Training Center Police Judo, SFU Police Judo, JIBC Police Judo, and the Kamloops Police Judo Club.
The numbers attending each club for the adult classes show that the program is successful. This, together with the large number of black belts that have been graded, shows we have the right formula.
I want to remind everyone that the basic philosophy of Police Judo should never be far from one's mind, and that is to look after each other, grow strong together, and most importantly, remember that everyone goes to work or school the next day! This is truly where respect for each other comes in.
Again my thanks to all involved in developing this great program. I wish you the best for your Christmas and holiday season and look forward to seeing what we can all collectively accomplish in 2016! 

Tim Laidler
President, Police Judo
January 1, 2016

January 1 - Law Enforcement Judo Association is formed.

January 5 - Friday all-club class starts at TTC.

January 22 - Police judo brown belt seniors group at SFU - looking forward to have more Police Judo black belts in the near future.

January 28-30 - Fleetwood Park Health and Career Education Conference, Surrey
Thank you for all the top notch volunteer coaches for assisting with the successful judo/self-defense session at the Health and Career Education (HACE) conference at the Fleetwood Park Secondary School, Surrey.  We received an excellent evaluation from the students as well as great reference letters from HACE committee for our volunteers from the three clubs: Jag GHANGAS, William POON, Michael MERCADO, Kyle SMITH, Alvin RAM, Mansoor SAHAK, Johan NORENA, Jerry GUNADASA, and Jimmy LIM. Thanks go to JIBC Police Judo Instructor Mark STEINKAMPF for arranging this great opportunity, as well as for delivering his Odd Squad drug education presentation to all the Grade 9 students.

Feb 13-15 - Feb 13-15  SFU Guest Instructor Sensei Tak, Dan, and Chin-I attended NCCP Dojo Instructor course  conducted by Mr. Huntely in Aberdeen Judo Academy in Kamloops.                       

March 11 - Our Guest Instructor from Yellowknife, Mario DESFORGES, visited the JIBC Police Judo Club.  Mario runs all the judo programming in the Northwest Territories.  His dedication to judo has benefited many youth in the NWT.  Police Judo instructors Toby HINTON and Mark STEINKAMPF have worked with Mario during the Odd Squad drug education presentations in the far north.

March 13 - Both our Juniors, Launa HINTON (Bronze) and Migs MERCADO (Gold) fought hard in Edmonton and placed with medals.  Congratulations to both our Juniors for their excellent performance.  After the 14 hour drive, it was all worth it for MERCADO family!

March 16 - Yo Bro Youth Initiative led by Joe CALENDINO, attended for a visit and a hard workout at JIBC Police Judo.  Joe’s visits to the JIBC club are greatly appreciated.

March 17 - Guest Instructor Savas IYIDOGAN, an international judo master, who is not looking so 66-years-old shared his abundant knowledge and expertise while introducing groundwork training at SFU. 

March 21 - Launa HINTON won her Junior Division trophy in Seattle. Well done!!

March 27 - John HUNTLEY, the head instructor of Kamloops Aberdeen Academy, along with Brad ENDEAN, the Kamloops Police Judo Instructor and his daughter, Kiara, visit the TTC Police Judo Club.

April 10 - The second generation Police Judo shirt is produced. 

April 20 - SFU Police Judo Junior Launa HINTON qualified for the 2015 National Championships in Montreal, along with her teammates from Abbotsford Judo Club (Head instructor Tokue SUDA). 

April 21 - SFU Spring grading ended with a happy ending of Spring Junior program.

  • LALONDE, Vitus                   yellow       
  • MOBLI, Parastoo                   yellow
  • THIESSEN, Kylie                   yellow    
  • Gee, Andrea                        orange     
  • HUNG, Kevin                       orange    
  • MASLYUK, Maxium              orange 
  • BAZHANOV, Nikika              orange    
  • TAM, Darren                        green
  • SHIH, Te Hao Daniel            green    
  • PANGGABEAN, Zephan     blue/green (junior)    
  • SHUVALOV, Alexander        blue    
  • KOZLOV, Julia                     blue
  • NORENA, Johan                 brown        

Congratulations to all.   You earned it! 

April 26 - TTC Head Instructor, Brian SHIPPER instructed the Police Judo Higher Belt Seminar at SFU

May 5 - JIBC Belt Promotions

  • SANTOS, Kristian                yellow            
  • RENARD, Spencer             yellow
  • MOGHARBEL, Samar        yellow            
  • BIRO, Darious                     yellow
  • MALACAPO, Mark             yellow            
  • AMINIE, Mateen                 orange
  • McMURTRY, Quinn           orange            
  • STIRTON, Neil                  orange
  • MYLES, Jamie                  orange            
  • WALDEN, Robyn               orange
  • LIM, Jimmy                        orange            
  • GUNADASA, Jerry            orange
  • ZACHAR, Nathan              orange            
  • SAHAK, Mansoor             green
  • KUIPERS, Ricardo          orange            
  • SMITH, Kyle                     green            
  • MORALES, Silvia             green             
  • RAM, Alvin                       blue



May 15 - Launa HINTON won her first Silver medal at U16/ -48kg at National Judo Championship in Montreal.  Well-deserved!  Police Judo is very proud of you!

May 15 - TTC Belt Promotions.  Congratulations to those who graded up to higher belts at the TTC last semester.  Wow, a new black belt and 3 new brown belts!   Congrats to the following : 

  • EVERALL, Erin                      yellow belt     
  • SERDARI, Boujan                 yellow belt 
  • FEALING, Michael                orange belt     
  • GNANASELLAN, Regie       orange belt 
  • MARDON, Harrison             orange belt    
  • HENDERSON, Ian               orange belt 
  • CHOI, MiHee                       orange belt    
  • WONG, Brad                        orange belt 
  • Joshua GARFIELD             orange belt    
  • Jane DENIZMEN                  green belt 
  • FILTEAU, Tyler                    green belt     
  • LAI, Gordon                         green belt 
  • KUMAR, Dhiren                  green belt    
  • FRICK, Brendon                 green belt
  • HUANG, Steven                  blue belt     
  • BARIRANI, Rouzbeh          blue belt 
  • SHARMA, Nitish                  brown belt    
  • GARDNER, Zachary           brown belt 
  • STEVERDING, David        brown belt     
  • MOROZ-LISK, Daniel        black belt

May 23 - Arrest Control/Takedown Clinic for By-law Officers, Kamloops - groundwork scenario training. 

May 27 - JIBC Police Judo head Instructor, Al ARSENAULT demonstrates a straight arm bar takedown at SFU Police Judo.

June 18 - Fun filling project with Sgt. Clive MILLIGAN testing his new self-defence training headgear accompanied with our Police Judo Charlie’s Angels group!  

June 30 - Police Judo Law Enforcement Judo Association President, Tim LAIDLER brought his Judo pal, Bob, from England.  These two used to trained together in British Judo (right around the time the wheel was being invented).  
July 4 - Police Judo Takedown, Physical Control and Handcuffing Clinic at TTC.

July 7 - Police Judo Summer outdoor training began.

July 13 - JIBC Belt Promotion.  Congratulations to all!!

  • DAVIE, Tara               yellow belt         
  • POOLE, Greg           yellow belt
  • TAYLOR, Jessica      yellow belt        
  • BASI, Jasminder      yellow belt 

July 13-17 - The 5th season of SFU Police Judo Juniors Summer Camp was held.  A special thanks to the dedicated group of Police Judo volunteers for assisting with this program.  The annual SFU Police Judo Junior Summer camp continues to grow and develop with a selection of fun, healthy activities such as soccer, outdoor track, indoor circuit training, mini-tournament judo matches and self-defense training, in addition to judo.  Thanks to the instructing team this summer: Sgt. Clive MILLIGAN, S/Cst. Shawn AGNEW, S/Cst. Iain GRANT, Paul BLUNDEN , Mansoor, Jagroop GHANGAS, Neil STIRTON, Michael MERCADO, Launa HINTON, Migs MERCADO, Rouzbeh BARIRANI , and Dan LISK. Also, great photography work from Julia KOSLOV.  And Happy 13th Birthday to Migs!

July 24 - National Coaching Certification Program - Level 1 (Part A / B) 
Part A: July 24 (evening), 25 (day) Part B: August 14 (evening), August 15 (day) by Instructor: Debbie LAIDLER. The Law Enforcement Judo Association hosted the National Coaching Certification Program Level 1 (A and B).  This nationally accredited sport coaching program has significant benefit for anyone interested in sport, fitness, training and coaching. 
Debbie LAIDLER is a former competitive black belt judoka with extensive experience in coaching sport.  She is a guest presenter at the Law Enforcement Studies Diploma program at the JIBC, teaches NCCP as an increment course for the VPD and many other agencies.  She understands how to link the coaching principles to Police Judo.  Debbie made the training fun and enjoyable, and all participants walked away with a much better understanding of the key coaching principles. 

July 26-30 - Mark and Toby joined law enforcement and military representatives from all over the world in Holland for the annual Nijmegen March, the largest walk in the world (30 miles a day – 4 days in a row).

July 30 - Our dedicated web master and volunteer extraordinaire, Jane DENIZMEN, received her Police Judo uniform as a small token of our appreciation.  Thanks Jane!

August 12-14 - Police Judo and Kamloops Judo Academy hosted a sold-out Katanishi Seminar at the Tactical Training Centre in Vancouver.  Again, our Police Judo volunteers demonstrated another top-notch volunteer performance during the work required for this seminar, including setting up the mats, organizing a catered lunch, handling registration , assisting the guests, and doing all the clean-up.  Also, this seminar hosted an excellent Arrest & Control Takedown demonstration by our brown belts: Michael MERCADO, Patrick CHAN, Jag GHANGAS, and William POON.  We are very proud of our Police Judo volunteers – MiHee CHOI, Jane DENIZMEN, Kylie THIESSEN, Carla TSANG, and Juniors Migs MERCADO, Launa HINTON, and Kiera ENDEAN.

August 21 - SFU Summer Semester Belt Promotion – good hard work and congratulation to all!! 

  • LAU, Nevin                    yellow
  • WEI, Zebang                 yellow
  • ARSLANOVA, Alia        yellow
  • LEONG, Curtis              yellow
  • CHOI, Brian                  yellow
  • XU, Fang                      yellow
  • KHARISSOV, Regil        yellow
  • KUAH, Calvin                yellow
  • CHUNG Sara (Junior)    orange
  • MOBLI, Parastoo           orange
  • THIESSEN, Kylie           orange
  • WONG, Aaron               orange
  • MASLYUK, Maxim        green
  • TURNER, Riley              reen
  • TSANG, Carla               blue

Jagroop GHANGAS (300 +  classes attended/volunteered!)

September 1 - Members of Police Judo were interviewed by Globe and Mail correspondent Kristy Hoffman.

September 6 - Police Judo guest Instructor, Sensei Tak ISHIKAWA, led our mini-Junior team: Tobin, and Launa HINTON, Migs MERCADO with the ISHIKAWA Family Club for a judo demonstration at Japanese Festival in the Richmond Nikki Center. 

September 22 - Brad ENDEAN receives his black belt in Police Judo as hosted by John HUNTLEY at his Abderdeen Judo Club. 

September 23 - Kamloops Police Judo Opens! The class is taught by our newly minted Police Judo black belt Brad ENDEAN with assistance by Al ARSENAULT, Will POON, and Jag GHANGAS.  Many thanks to John HUNTLEY for his ongoing support of Police Judo! 

September 30 - VPD Cadets get a Police Judo workout.  Great kids and a good time! Thank you for all the Police Judo volunteers to assisting 50 kids on the mats.

October 1 - Blue Line magazine features Al ARSENAULT’s article on tactical repositioning.  The front page shows Cst. David STEVERDING drawing down on a crazed axe murderer (as played by Sgt. Toby HINTON).

October 5 - Police Judo hosted an Edged Weapon Clinic, a well received event by VPD Use Force Option Instructor, Cst. John IRVING for the Law Enforcement Judo Association members.  Thank you John!  We are looking forward to have another clinic for the students who missed this event.


October 10 - Team Police Judo assisting coach with YoBro Youth Initiative program. 

October 10 - Congratulations! Launa HINTON won the both Junior and Novice Woman at 48kg at the Seattle tournament.

October 15 - Former Police Judo members and VPD new recruits- Danny CHAN and Daniel SAWYER gave a few words of encouragement to the students at SFU Police Judo.  
October 19 - The Law Enforcement Judo Association food drive (fall semester) for YoBro wrapped out. Special thanks to our #1 Police Judo volunteer Jagroop GHANGAS!

October 24 - Both Police Judo Juniors, Migs MERCADO and Launa HINTON placed at the tournament in the start of the 2015 - 2016 competition season in Abbotsford. 

October 28 - overdue belt grading.

  • VARRICK, Matthew    yellow        
  • ASHLEY, Jean-Paul    blue

October 29 - JIBC Police Judo Instructor, Mark STEINKAMPF and William POON show a ground escape technique to Fraser International College students for during a Police Judo self-defense session at SFU.

November 3 - Police Judo returns to Fleetwood Park Secondary School in Surrey to run clinics relating to the HACE program. What a energetic bunch of students!  The three days hosted a keynote presentation on drug education by Sgt. Mark STEINKAMPF to 300 Grade 9 students, 9 Judo sessions, and over 11 hours of time dedicated by the Police Judo volunteers to training with the students…..Special thanks to Kylie THIESSEN, MiHee CHOI, Jerry GUNADASA, Launa HINTON, Kyle SMITH, Patrick CHAN, Jag GHANGAS, William POON, and Greg POOLE. 

November 3 - Police Judo instructor Yoon CHOI, poses with the volunteers for the VPD PAL Ray Cam Kids Judo Program (Fall semester).  This great program just received $10,000 in funding for new mats for the facility, now in its third year.  Well done Yoon!

November 3 - New Police Judo shirts are now for sale.

November 18 - Police Judo presented a Riding With Madonna screening and presentation. It was a full-house event!  Thanks to Linda STEWART for joining in with the VPD cadets and participating in this special evening at the TTC. 

December 5- Both Launa and Migs qualified for this year's BC Winter in Penticton, BC in February 2016.

December 14 - JIBC grading night.

  • AMINIE, Mateen           green            
  • ASHLEY, JeanPaul       green
  • BIRO, Darious              orange            
  • CARDINAL, Kyle           brown
  • CLELAND, Casey        orange            
  • COAN, Lisa                    yellow
  • DURRANI, Ahmed        orange            
  • GUNADASA, Jerry        green
  • GOLUBEV, Ilya             yellow            
  • LAMBA, Charan            yellow
  • McCAY, Brad                yellow            
  • NINO, Carlos                  yellow
  • RENARD, Spencer        orange            
  • RZEPKA, Marty             yellow
  • TAYLOR, Jessica        orange            
  • ZACHER, Nathan        green

December 16 - TTC Belt Promotion Night

  • CHOI, Mi Hee                blue           
  • FILTEAU, Tyler              blue
  • HENDERSON, Ian        green         
  • KHAN, Gazal                yellow
  • NAKAMURA, Alisa       yellow        
  • PIETERS, Miriam         yellow         
  • TRINH , Kelvin             orange

December 17 - SFU Belt Promotion Night

Police Judo next black belts in line…



  • ARSLANOVA,  Alia                      orange
  • COUTURE-NOWAK, Sylvie         yellow
  • ZHOU, Tony                                  yellow
  • SHRIEVES, Tommy                      yellow
  • BOUZHMEHRANI, Mohammad    yellow
  • DHALIWAI, Akashvir                    yellow
  • JOROMIN, Nathan                       orange
  • MOBLI, Parastoo                          green
  • INGLIS, Andrew                            yellow
  • MCMURTRY, Quinn                      green
  • MORGAN, Samantha                   yellow
  • MULLIGAN, Callum                     brown
  • POON, William                            black
  • GHANGAS, Jagroop                   black
  • PREDDY, David                          yellow
  • KHARISSOV, Regil                     orange
  • THEYS, William                         yellow
  • TURNER, Riley                          blue
  • CHOI, Yoonji                              yellow
  • ATAYA, Daniel                            green

KIDS JUDO        

  • MERCADO, Migs                     b/green
  • THOULI, Jayden                      b/green
  • GUEZILLE, Briac                     yellow
  • GUEZILLE, Suliac                    yellow
  • KEYES, Griffin                         g/blue
  • HINTON, Tobin                        yellow
  • PENNER, Brendan                  yellow
  • POLKOWSKA, Olga                y/orange
  • POLKOWSKA, Igor                 w/yellow
  • MATSUZAKI, Esme                w/yellow
  • PEZZOTTI, Anna                    w/yellow
  • PEZZOTTI, Vincent                 yellow
  • WATT, Nina                              w/yellow
  • TALBOT, Benjamin                  w/yellow
  • BALLANTYNE, Ethan              yellow
  • BALLANTYNE, Keira                w/yellow
  • DUMITRACHE, Andrei              w/yellow
  • HAWKESWORTH, Grey            w/yellow
  • OGAWA, Kai                              yellow

Congratulations to all !!

December 20 - Toby HINTON, Chin-I HSIANG and Launa HINTON did a classroom self-defence presentation followed by a two-hour clinic at the TTC gym for PC Chad MAH’s girls’ Raiders soccer team.

December 20 - Hot Yoga/Creative Visualization – Xmas Dinner Nig



 From the Police Judo Instructors and Black Belts.