Cutting Edge Fundraising - June 16, 2018

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Cutting Edge Fundraising - June 16, 2018

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Date: June 16, 2018
Time: 09:00-12:00 or 13:00-16:00
(choose one on the registration form)
By donation. All donations at and over $25 will give you the option of receiving a T-shirt. A minimum of $75 donation is required to attend the seminar.

See details below.

Donation Amount ($):

Cutting Edge Fundraising 

Why are we Fundraising?

This fundraiser is for the annual Police Judo trip to Tecate, Mexico. Police Judo members attending are paying all of their own travel and expense costs. All fundraising done for this event will be a direct benefit to underprivileged youth in Tecate. Police Judo will be holding morning and afternoon judo and sports camps, and drug education presentations in the evening at multiple communities around the Tecate area.

This goodwill visit is the opposite of a luxury holiday and will be involve a fair amount of work for those volunteering. Police Judo members will be preparing meals for the community (pancake breakfast) and will be expected to host approximately 150 youth every sport training session. Volunteers will also be delivering donated sports equipment and food (bought with fundraising dollars) to homes around Tecate.

Who is this Workshop for? 

Workshop is open registration, available for everyone. We strongly suggest that you have an edged weapon background and full contact sparring experience. A PAR-Q will be required. Only people who are physically capable of full contact sparring will be allowed to participate. Any participants will be at the discretion of the instructional staff. The TTC is a secure entry facility and the staff reserve the right to prohibit entry at any time. 

Registration is available up to the time of the seminar, maximum of 50 participants for each session. 

Presenter: John F Irving

28 year police officer, instructor for 20 years. Have taught nationally and internationally, certified instructors nationally and internationally. Court recognized use of force expert, court recognized non-firearm prohibited weapons expert. Designed and delivered edged weapons training for police nationally and internationally. Adjunct instructor with Valkyrie Western Martial Arts Assembly. 
Enjoys knifey stuff. 


Practical unarmed defence against an edged weapon; an exploration of the veracity of traditional Western martial styles (Italian/Germanic) and training compared to modern blended techniques. Using the Shocknife we will guide the student to explore both physical and mental aspects of self defense so they can put their training to the test. 
Students will be encouraged to engage in free sparring using the Shocknife, time permitting.

What to bring:

Water bottle, sparring appropriate clothing, mat specific shoes or bare feet, eye protection (some will be available) a good attitude and open mind.