Hiroshi Katanishi Judo Clinic (May 5-6, 2018)

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Hiroshi Katanishi Judo Clinic (May 5-6, 2018)

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Date: May 5th (9am-4pm) and May 6th (9am-4pm) 
2010 Glen Dr, Vancouver, BC  V5T 0B1
Price options: 
Non LEJA members:
$100 with lunch on both days
$75 without lunch
LEJA members:
$75 with lunch on both days
$50 without lunch

Please make sure to select same Quantity as the number of registrants that you filled on the Registration Form. 

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Instructor Sensei Hiroshi Katanishi:

After graduating from Tenri University (Japan), Sensei Hiroshi Katanishi, 8th dan, became trainer of France’s National Judo team.  Katanishi sensei has been instructor for the past 30 years of the Judo Kwai Lausanne in Switzerland. Katanishi sensei is also a Dan expert, Youth & Sports Expert for the Switzerland Judo Federation.  Since 1999, he has been the technical advisor to the Swiss National Team.  In 2003, he became the European Union judo expert.


This clinic is open to Law Enforcement Judo Association members and Judo BC members who are 16 years of age and green belt and above for judo ranking. The emphasis of this clinic will be on understanding and developing the biomechanics of judo movement, and will be of interest and benefit for individuals interested in coaching and instructing judo. All registration must be done on-line. 


Registrants can either pay online or in person at the TTC. For those paying in person, either cash or a cheque payable to the Law Enforcement Judo Association. 

For more information contact Chin-I Hsiang (phone: 778 986 1916 – email: chinihsiang@gmail.com)

No Late Registration or Drop-In:

Due to the limited space, capacity attendance for this clinic, and secure facility, there will be no drop-in or late registration. Participation will be based on the registration list.

Morning Registration:

Doors open at 7:30 am and registration, waivers, Par Q registration forms and sign-in will take place from 7:30-8:30 am. The clinic will start at 09:00 hours with a welcome/introduction in the classroom and then will move into the Combatives gym.

/ Sign Out:

The TTC has 24 hour on-site security monitoring, and there is a requirement for everyone entering the building to only do so at the front entrance and to sign in. If anyone leaves the facility they must do so through the front entrance and sign out when they leave. 


Due to the working lunch presentation on Saturday and lack of close restaurants/ nearby food outlets, we are recommending that participants bring their own lunch – there is a microwave/small kitchen on site. Snacks will be provided for this clinic. Once everyone is organized the working presentation will take place in the training classroom. Please bring your lunch and food in the training classroom and enjoy the multi-media presentation. 


The Tactical Training Centre (TTC) is a law-enforcement training facility owned and operated by the City of Vancouver. It is not open to the public or community groups unless under the direct supervision of a law enforcement program. It is also the home for the VPD Police Judo Club, one of three Police Judo clubs currently operating in the Lower Mainland of B.C. The Hiroshi Katanishi Instructor Seminar will take place in the training classrooms as well as the Combatives Room – a 2600 sq ft. sprung floor training gym.

The Vancouver Police Department is the primary tenant of the facility and maintains personnel and office space on site. There may be training occurring in the facility (including gun ranges) at the same time as this clinic, so it is important to respect that law enforcement training has priority over other seminars or clinics. Police Instructors are identified by their training uniform. 


The TTC is a fenced and gated facility. The front gate will be open. Drive north on Glen and enter the last gated entrance for the facility. You will immediately turn left open entering the first gate. This will take you through a second set of gates to the north parking lot. Park anywhere in this parking lot (note some of the parking stalls may be taken up for gun range cleaning machinery). When parking in the lot, walk out the same way you drove in and enter through the front of the building. Security will not permit anyone other than authorized training personnel to enter through the rear of the facility.


There is free parking outside the facility on the Glen Drive, and this is fine to park on (both sides).  Blue area on map below highlights parking areas.


There is a water fountain outside the Combatives Gym, but to avoid lineups and waiting for water please bring your own water bottle.


Please bring slippers or indoor footwear. Indoor footwear needs to be worn anytime one is walking off the mats inside the facility.


In the event of anyone incurring an injury or needing first aid, please advise one of the organizing instructors. On-site security are trained in first aid, and we are required to report injuries, and have initial assessment and treatment through the TTC Security.


There are lockers available at the TTC if needed for valuables. As it is a secure facility with onsite security, bags and equipment should be secure in the classroom.

Change Rooms:

There are two washrooms for changing. These are located to the north of the Combatives Room and are clearly marked.