Higher Belt Seminar at SFU Central Gym on April 25 (Sat.)

The Police Judo Association will be sponsoring and hosting a higher belt seminar. This seminar is free of charge, and open to the members ranking green belt and above. 

This topics will be covered:

  • Philosophy of Police Judo
  • Training Principles
  • Coaching Basics
  • Grading Expectations
  • Techniques Emphasized in Police Judo
  • Connection to Law Enforcement
  • The Junior Program
  • Women in Police Judo
  • Technical Instruction
  • The National Use of Force Framework

There will be practice time on the mats to review techniques and training.

Please advise the respective instructors of your club if you are attending.


Where: SFU Central Gym
When: Sat April 25th, 10 am - 4 pm
Needed: Judo gi, water, snack
Instructors: Brian Shipper, Toby Hinton, Mark Steinkampf, Chin-I Hsiang