This seminar will is postponed to the fall. New schedule will be posted at the end of the summer. 

The Law Enforcement Judo Association and Tac Systems are holding a Tactical Police Pistol and Survival Stress Shooting, and a Takedown, Physical Control, and Handcuffing seminar at the Tactical Training Centre. 

This clinic is open only to sworn peace officers who are interested in learning effective and ethical arrest, control and handcuffing techniques from long time street cop, and survival stress shooting from a high-level tactical firearms instructor. 

The participants will be in two groups of 12 with half on the range and half in the Use of Force gym.

Some of the topics covered in the gym portion: 
  •  the science of break falls
  •  low-risk high-yield judo techniques suitable for law enforcement
  •  takedowns
  •  joint locks for control
  •  groundwork drills for law enforcement
  •  multiple officers drills to control active resistant individuals
  •  handcuffing techniques to control aggressive and active resistant individuals 

Topics covered for shooting include:
  •  the science of shooting under stress
  •  gun-handling fundamentals
  •  speed shooting
  •  draw speed
  •  CQT (close quarter tactics)
  •  multiple targets and shooting-on-the-move 

Register at www.policejudo.ca/contact
Date: May 9, 2015  (postponed to Fall 2015 - TBA)
Time: 8 am - 6 pm
Location: Tactical Training Centre
2010 Glen Drive, Vancouver, BC
Cost: $300* per person**

*Cost includes training in a climate controlled, state of the art range, all ammunition for 40cal and 9mm pistols, eye and hearing protection, and light snacks.
**A maximum of 24 participants are permitted.

Download event poster (PDF)